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Xerox ink refill instructionsY100 - Y101 - Y102 - Y103 - H100Xerox ink refill instructions

Here are two sets of instructions.Xerox ink refill instructions
You can choose the one that you prefer.

Method 1

Black and Color Cartridges

1. Make a 3mm filling hole in the bottom of the cartridge, using the supplied drill, above the ink reservoir in the position shown. DO NOT DRILL INTO THE SECTION THAT CONTAINS THE SPONGE.

Note: That on the color cartridge, the filling hole is made just forward of the bracket on the bottom of the cartridge. On the black cartridge the filling hole is made to the side of the outlet hole..

2. Assemble the syringe and filling needle and fill with the correct colour ink.
3. Inject ink into the filling hole until the chamber is almost full.
4. Seal the filling hole with the plug provided, ensuring that the plug fully seated into the cartridge. or with a very strong adhesive tape.
5. Clean the syringe with water and dry for future use, or use with a different color ink.
6. Replace the cartridge and run a printing cycle as per printer instructions.

Note: Empty cartridges should be refilled immediately.

Note: Be sure the white bar on the end of the cartridge is clean.





Xerox ink refill instructionsMethod 2 - Black & Color CartridgesXerox ink refill instructions
1. Put a piece of aluminum tape provided (or electrical tape) over the outlet port to prevent the ink leaking while refilling.

2. Turn cartridge on its side, as shown and make a  hole in the side of the cartridge using the Thumb Drill included. Make the hole on the opposite side of the sponge which is the reservoir side.

3. Attach the needle to the syringe and slowly fill with the correct color ink.

4. Inject approximately 4 ml. of color ink into the filling hole or 8ml. of black ink into the filling hole until the chamber is almost full. Unused ink may be returned to the bottle.

5. Seal the hole with the aluminum tape provided, black electrical tape will also work.
Xerox ink refill instructions
Additional Note: In some cases the sponge has deteriorated and it cannot hold the ink and the ink will leak out the outlet hole. If this happens an alternate method of refilling is to drip ink onto the sponge until it is absorbed, however, your total page output will be less than a complete fill.

6. Replace the cartridge and run 1 - 3 cleaning cycles as per printer instructions.
Or print the following pages: for Black for Color 
For best results, leave cartridge in printer for 8 hours after refilling so the ink can saturate the entire sponge.

7. Rinse the syringe with water and dry for further use.

Note: Be sure the white bar on the end of the cartridge is clean.

Here is an alternate method: The filling hole should still be drilled on the side of the inkwell. - - BUT drill it right next to the partition that divides the inkwell from the sponge compartment and about 1/2 way up. By drilling the hole at this point, the ink tank can be tilted at 45-degrees with the sponge-hole (outlet port) clear to the very top (liquid can't run 'uphill'). (I'd still suggest putting tape over the sponge hole.) The filler hole that was drilled will now be to the 'top' of the inkwell and the ink can easily be injected nearly level with the hole without so much as a drop of 'mess'. Wipe the outside of the injection needle before inserting because even the smallest amount of ink will "blow bubbles" around the hole and create a mess. When filled, make sure that the surface around the hole is absolutely dry then apply a small piece of aluminum (metal) tape. Finally, remove the tape that was covering the sponge-hole and re-insert the freshly filled tank back into the print-head. 

Note: On the end of the cartridge (opposite end of the outlet port) there is two small reflective strips and a bar code like indicator built into the label. The bar-code has both vertical and  a thin horizontal bar. These bars are very important in some way upon initializing the printer when a new cartridge is installed. Upon refilling if the bar-code gets a little messy you will get a message, "unable to print", "incompatible ink", or some other error message. Either clean the ink off or replace the bar-code with one off of another cartridge. You can even make a copy of the bar-code and use this to put on damage cartridges.

Note: The printhead in the Xerox M940 has a sensor in it. After refilling, if you have an air bubble in the cartridge the sensor sees no ink and tells you that you are out of ink and stops the printing. If this happens you'll have to prime the cartridge by turning the cartridge over and drip ink into the outlet port. You can thump on the cartridge and this will sometimes move the air bubble up. Leaving the cartridge sitting in the printer for 24 hours will sometimes give the air bubble time to move up.
     The cartridge is divided into two chambers. One side with a reservoir and the other side with a sponge. If you refill the cartridge before the reservoir is empty you can alleviate this problem.

Comments from customer:
The H-100 is built differently than the Y-100. The Y-100 doesn't have an air vent while the H-100 has a sizeable air vent running vertically next to the feed hole. The first time that I refilled this huge tank I inadvertently over filled it because I didn't know about the unique air vent so I had black ink running out of the air vent.  A simple suggestion [remedy] is to merely tape the vent and feed hole shut before refilling and that seems to prevent over-filling.

I have refilled my cartridges so many times that I now have some more observations. I'm discovering that each color of ink has it's own "personality" or peculiarity. The easiest ink to work with is YELLOW while the worst is RED which easily froths-and-bubbles and always makes refilling RED more difficult.
Any bubbles which form in the reservoir for the yellow ink quickly disperse and that color of liquid ink doesn't "creep" via capillary action - - making it easy to put metal tape over the refill-hole. The "viscosity" of the RED ink makes frothy bubbles difficult to disperse and it's capillary action causes it to "climb" out of the refill-hole - - making it more difficult to completely dry the area before applying metal tape. BLUE ink is a close "second" with many of the same peculiarities as RED ink.
BLACK ink "coats" plastic similar to the way milk coats the inside of a drinking glass but it doesn't "froth-and-bubble". Because of the "coating" action, it's necessary to lay that cartridge on the side with the refill hole facing up and wait a few minutes for the BLACK ink to clear away from the plastic so that the interior of the ink reservoir can be seen while refilling. Other than that, the BLACK ink is easy to work with.
Regarding the spongy material by the outlet ports - - - I've found that the sponge either "shrinks" or takes a "set" which doesn't allow good contact with the connecting tube of the printhead. The most common symptom is any color which can print small areas but fades out when trying to print larger areas. Without good contact between the sponge and the connecting tube, the ink can't flow fast enough to keep up with larger areas. When this happens, it's a good time to "top-off" the ink for that color and then take the sharp point of the syringe needle and carefully stick it into the sponge and lift it towards the outlet port without tearing it. The sponge should be flush with the inner surface of the outlet port - - that way it will make good contact with the connecting tube. When the cartridge is placed back into the printhead and run through the cleaning cycle, you'll discover that it can now keep up with the demand for more ink.
On the XEROX WorkCentre M940 (and perhaps the others) - - When the printheads are put back into the machine and the lid is closed, the status window asks if the BLACK printhead is new (?) and likewise for the COLOR printhead (?) I've found that by always answering "YES", this not only puts the printheads through the cleaning cycle but it also re-initializes the sensors which report how full each cartridge is. This is displayed in the status window and can also be displayed on monitor if a computer is hooked to this all-in-one printer.
I hope these observations help other XEROX WorkCentre users.

A Refill Kit should include ink plus:
1 - 10cc Syringe for Black with sharp and blunt needle.
3 - 10cc Syringes for Color with sharp and blunt needles.
Allan wrench with set screws
Aluminum Tape
Thumb Drill

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