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This Page will list all the Canon Cartridges numbers.
Click on the cartridge number you want the refilling instructions for:

Canon Refill Inks from the Printer Filling Station
Canon Refilling Instructions

Problem Resolution    -    Waste Ink Reset
bullet BC-01
bullet BC-02
bullet BC-03
bullet BC-05
bullet BC-06
bullet BC-10
bullet BC-11e
bullet BC-20
bullet BC-21e
bullet BC-22e
bullet BC-23
bullet BC-60
bullet BC-61
bullet BC-62e
bullet BCI-10
bullet BCI-11BK
bullet BCI-11C
bullet BCI-15B
bullet BCI-16C
bullet BCI-21BK
bullet BCI-21C
bullet BCI-24BK
bullet BCI-24C
bullet BCI-3eBK
bullet BCI-3eC
bullet BCI-3eM
bullet BCI-3eY
bullet BCI-3ePBK
bullet BCI-3ePC
bullet BCI-3ePM
bullet BCI-6BK
bullet BCI-6C
bullet BCI-6M
bullet BCI-6Y
bullet BCI-6PC
bullet BCI-6PM
bullet BCI-6R
bullet BCI-6G
bullet BCI-8BK
bullet BCI-8C
bullet BCI-8M
bullet BCI-8Y
bullet BCI-8PBK
bullet BCI-8PC
bullet BCI-8PM
bullet BJI201BK
bullet BJI-201C
bullet BJI-201M
bullet BJI-201Y
bullet BJI-642
bullet BJC-643BK
bullet BJC-643C
bullet BJC-643M
bullet BJC-643Y
bullet BX-03
bullet CL-41(#41)
bullet CL-51(#51)
bullet CL-52(#52)
bullet CLI-8bk
bullet CLI-8C
bullet CLI-8M
bullet CLI-8Y
bullet CLI-8PC
bullet CLI-8PM
bullet CLI-36
bullet PG-40(#40)
bullet PG-50(#50)
bullet PGI-5bk
bullet PGI-9
bullet PGI-35bk
bullet PG-210
bullet CL-211
bullet PGI-220
bullet CLI-221
bullet PGI-225
bullet CLI-226
bullet PG-240
bullet CL-241
bullet PG-245
bullet CL-246
bullet PGI-250
bullet CLI-251
bullet PGI-270
bullet CLI-271

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